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 - Accounting and Tax Support

Finance, accounting and tax are a vital part of every business and we specialise in supporting a variety of businesses with a flexible but focused approach to ensure we meet all your needs and help you to be financially resilient and strong.

 - Business Cases and Business Plans

Are you looking to start up a new business, expand your empire or diversify into new fields? We can help to form your medium to long term plans, identify new and appropriate funding and conduct critical options appraisals complete with risk identification and mitigations.

 - Budgeting, Cash Flow and Forecasting

We can provide support to help you budget for your activities, ease and improve cash flow and forecast into the future so you can better plan what is possible and when.

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What we do

 - Cost Analysis and Reduction 

Every business wants to reduce expenditure in order to manage costs or increase profit, we can help to analyse where you may be able to reduce costs and what the impact of each action may be.


 - Business Change Principles

Together we can look at different ways of doing things to help you continue to thrive well into the future.

 - Business Start Ups

Are you looking to start a new business but you're unsure what to do,  how to do it and what order you need to do it in?

Or are you looking at how to set up your finances within your business, what can you claim for, how should you record your finances?

AP Finance and Consulting can help you with all this and more.

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